Updated Broken File!

I am so sorry to all of you that have tried to download the Pillars of Islam Mobile I have updated the link and it should work without problem now, insha Allah.

Please, if you have any difficulty downloading any other files please let me know. I have updated my profile so you can now contact me through email for any problems you have, insha Allah.

Thank You all for your patience and I hope to soon be back to posting our crafts and sharing our ideas soon, insha Allah.

Love you all for the sake of Allah and look forward as always to see what you have to share.


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Anonymous said...

Umm, i came accross your blog while searching for lapbook about hajj. Alhamdulillah, i love your hajj lapbook and also the minibook of hajj day by day and planning to do that with my daughter today. But, since we are from Indonesia, i need to translate the lapbook and minibook into Indonesian so that my daughter will understand. I haven't introduce her to English language yet. is there any chance that i can get the edited copy of your hajj lapbook and minibook? i tried to made the template my self, stayed up late last night. But, i'm not much of a creative person and can't make the pictures. If i got the edited copy, I'm planning to put the translated version in my Blog to be downloaded for free. I certainly will put your link :). Please email me for quick respon at Jazakillah khayr sister

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