Arabic Alphabet Practice

The Littles have been doing alot of work on their arabic so I thought I would put together and interactive arabic alphabet board for them. I have found that in the past, activities for the kids learning projects work really well. Hands on fun!

This is the entire board.

I made this board by using cardboad that i recycled from things I bought around the house or you can buy posterboard and use that.

I then printed the letters out in black and glued them onto cardboard. while i waited for those to dry i glued colored paper to the cardboard.

I used a utility knife to cut the letters out and used cut popsicle sticks or craft sticks to the letters that had pieces to them or you can use toothpicks.

I bought adhesive velcro dots and adhered them to each letter. For the board part I first put clear packing tape in the areas where I was going to place the velcro so when I pulled it off and on it wouldn't tear the paper. I did the same for the back of each letter as well.

Here is the board where you can see the velcro dots.

Here are the letters

Here is where my 3 year old is using the board!

They all are enjoying our board now!

I even took it a step further ( you know me) and made the vowels for more practice!

This was a very time cosuming project that my zawj had suggested. I did one a few years back but it was a little more simple and ended up not being interactive. After having that one up for as long as I did, I decided to redo and revamp and it was so well worth the time. I am loving how much the kids are using it! Masha Allah.

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