Pillars of Islam Mobile

We have continued our Pillars of Islam study, and the littles ( my younger children)  sure love it.

We all know our children love visual learning aids, well at least mine do *smile*

I decided to craft up a mobile for the Pillars of Islam.

My first go with the mobile is actually good for a wall hanging mobile. Here is a pic of that:

Here are pics of the mobile that is suspended from the ceiling:

The entire mobile
The pillars up close
1st Pillar close up

2nd Pillar up close

3rd pillar up close

4th pillar up close

5th pillar up close

entire mobile up a little closer

Things we used to make this mobile were simple.
  • wooden dowels, but tree twigs would work just as well
  • curly ribbon or any kind of string you choose to suspend the pieces
  • paper towel rolls, or you can just roll each pillar in the file
  • cardboard for more sturdy parts, we use cereal boxes which are great for durablity and easy to cut
  • crayons or markers to color
  • hot glue gun to glue dowels together

File for this mobile: Pillars Mobile

Hope to see your mobiles soon,insha Allah


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