Support Al Maun Fund!

Al Maun Fund

I am sure you have all heard of Al Maun Fund, which is a non profit charitable program where they provide financial assistance for basic needs and support famililes in time of need.

Half date has started a poll where you view videos by numerous charitable programs and vote in a poll. Al Maun has done well with these polls in the past, so I thought I would try to help by reaching out to my readers and ask for you all to go and vote for them if you haven't already.

Here is the link to where you can view the video and vote the poll:  Half Date Current Poll Scroll a little less than half way down you will see the Al Maun Fund video labeled "Day to Day Help" then on the video itself it says "Al Maun needs your help".

Voting on the poll is just two videos  above the Al Maun video. Please,  I ask you all the spread the word and help Al Maun win the poll so they can get the funds necessary to help their current requests, insha Allah.

If you are not familiar with what Al Maun has done please go take a look at their site and see all that they have done and continue striving to do: Al Maun Fund or click the images for Al Maun Fund.

Al Maun Fund

Jazakallahu Khair Al Maun!

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Al Maun Fund