Keeping Little One's Busy...

Have your children been asking for things to do or say that they are bored or just been keeping you extremely busy?

I know that when it's time to prepare for iftaar that the little one's seem to get more chatty, lol.

I put some quick activities together where they can sit quietly at the dinner table or in our classroom and keep them busy while learning.

I turned to some of my favorite blogs to help me as usual since my time has been limited and crafts have not really hit the house yet, insha Allah I will find time to do a little something with the younger children.

First I went over to A Muslim Child is Born Blog and printed her wonderful comprehension stories.

These are wonderful because they are also interactive. I printed them out then used zip ties to hold them together for easy portability. I made a small pouch on the back of each reader out of index cards to hold the little cards that came with the readers.

I loved these readers that our Dear sis Umm An-Nu'man has put together because they are Islamic readers and interactive! Jazakallahu Khair dear sis!

Go on over and take a look around if you haven't seen her blog yet. She has lots to share and I am sure you will want to print all! *smile*

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