Home Made Craft Clay

My children absolutely,positively go bonkers over play doh and clay. They go on for hours playing and creating and imagining, it's so wonderful to see them all pitch in and help one another with their creations!

Over the years we have bought so much play doh, I thought today we can try making our own. What a reward they would feel and also nice science experiement to see how liquids solidify!

I should have taken pics of the process,but really this was just a spontaneous experiment so I wasn't so prepared with step by step pics!

First I will share the craft clay recipe we used:

1 cup salt
2 cups flour
2 cups water
4 tbsp oil
4 tbsp cream of tartar ( in baking section of grocery store)
food coloring

Combine, and our in pan over low heat.
Stir constantly until mixture binds together

This recipe I split up to make 4 colors. You will have to split and color before you put in pan.

The recipe is quite easy and comes together well. I will also say that the clay is super soft! I did let my lil 17 month old play with it,watching him closely of course. He was able to manipulate it and play with it just fine.

Here are our pics:

Our octopus growing hair!

Another one of our play doh tools, perfect flower imprint!

Another tool, which this clay worked perfectly in!

Storage suggestions! We are storing ours in old play doh containers that we saved. You could also store in plastic storage bags or even small yogurt containers with lids. The possibilities are endless when playing and storing! This clay can sure be a money saver and a wonderful activity to play when it's cold out or even when a lil one is sick and bored sitting in their room!

Go make some craft clay today and play with it yourself so you can see. You will feel like a kid again, and your kids will love the quality play time!



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