Paint Brush Match File Folder Game

We have been so busy at work with bigger kids that I almost forgot to put some quick activities together for my little 3 yr old guy. He is so patient asking ummie when can he play school, lol. I felt so bad! I mean we do things here and there throughout the day, but to fit him in our busy schdedule! I finally took some time out and found a quick solution to my problem....file folder games!

I took a visit over to Confessions of a Homeschooler Blog and found the cutest little paint brush color matching game. I printed it on regular paper, I did this because I knew my cardstock was not durable for my little guys hands. I then glued the paint brushes onto some cereal boxes, some of you laugh as I have but  it works! This was so simple to layout and put together. I had an instant hit! My older one's even got involved for a little bit! I plan on going with this idea and incorporating some Islam into some of the file folders so stay tuned....

Some pics of our file folder game:


The brushes

The jar with paint brushes to match

The entire layout with brushes matched into the correct jar.

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Sakeenah said...

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, my DS3 would love this!

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