Special Snacks!

I always try coming up with something special for the kiddos to look forward to after we have schooled all day. My kids actually started calling them mommy's special snacks.

My special snacks are always something nutritious and yummy as well as light to make sure they will have enough room for dinner but hold them over til then too.

The weather has finally started warming up around here so I have started playing around with smoothies and other frozen type drinks.

I have made Orange Julius in the past and that is always a big demand in the house. You can find that recipe here

It's a super orangy and delicious frozen drink! We used to buy it in the mall when I was a kid and I learned to make it when I was in high school.
Another recent cold drink we have made is strawberry lemonade. This  is the recipe I have used, everyone in my home Looooovvveess this one! I don't have any pics for this one but when I do I will post, insha Allah.

Finally a more recent special snack that my husband actually came up with and decided to join in on a "daddy" special snack!

Frozen Yogurt Pops! I know nothing new or special to most but my children love the freshness of these pops!

Simple recipe if you want to call it that!

Plain yogurt
fresh chopped strawberries
ice pop holders

We cut the straberries and poured our yogurt into a bowl so we can mix the berries in with a little sugar to give a bit sweetness since plain yogurt is exactly that...plain!

We usually buy a 5 lb container of plain yogurt from our local halal market at a decent price.

Here is our ice pop holders which we bought at our local walmart for $1!!!! I am all about bargains!!

We had to make two of these holders to make enough for our entire family!

End result! This yogurt pop is so delicious with all the small chunks of fresh strawberries throughout!

Have any special snacks to share?

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UmMusa said...

Jazaki Allah for the recipe for the pops. My DD8 got these as a gift from her Nana, so I'll show her this recipe, insha'Allah.

Umm Suhailah said...


As Salaamu Alaikum

Mashaa'Allaah this is a lovely blog. May Allaah reward you with good in this life and the next Aameen. I've been visiting a lot of blogs and I've seen sisters refer back to this blog as to where they got their resource from for whatever they are learning. I will follow this blog and I pray that I benefit much Aameen. I love this post about the "Special Snacks" and perhaps I need to visit my local Walmart to make some "pops" myself for my girls!!! *thumbs up*

Nakia said...

As salaamu alaikum,

InshaALLAH I have to go to Walmart now. My children love sugar-free freeze pops but this would be so much better.

take care,
wa salaam,
Umm Maryam (Nakia)

Anonymous said...

As Salaamu Alaikum Waramatulahi wabarakatau these look so yummy!!! Now I want some.

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