Ramadan is Approaching!

Ramdan is approaching us so fast,insha Allah. We are all scrambling through our craft books and searching the internet for new ideas that we can incorporate in our Islamic lessons for the children.

We are trying to finalize our recipe books for the meals we plan on cooking for iftaar, insha Allah. We are trying to get house cleaned and organized for our Ramadan visitors and the list goes on!

So much to do and so little time, well as usual we have a little to offer this year. I have been working as much as I am able this passed month to finalize and get things posted to you can find use and benefit from them.

I want to let you all know that our Dear sis Umm Ibrahim has revamped her TJ Ramadan site. Go over and take a look at old and new goodies that can help in teaching your children during the blessed month of Ramadan, insha Allah.

Her Link: TJ Ramadan

Her Blog: TJ Blog

Also Islamic Bulletin Boards has files that you can use to create a Ramadan Bulletin Board. Have you ever made one? if not,Make this your first year, insha Allah if you have, you will love the new bulletin board additions IBB has added this year, insha Allah. Go over and take a look!

IBB Link: Islamic Bulletin Boards

I am sure you will find quite a bit from just those 3 links.

Stay tuned....I will be posting our Ramadan things once I figure out how to get the files added!

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